The Decline of Spectrum

01 - 19th February

Arriving in Eston on a crowded fair day, Arahmain, Lukas and Faff met when Susie the Ditzy Waitress served them all the wrong drink. All new in town, they were given a tour of the main area of town by local figure Smudge. Lukas and Faff were convinced into having a stab at walking the tightrope. Faff failed somewhat miserably, while Lukas managed to make it across, earning himself a bit of store credit at the smithy. Smudge was convinced to get up and have a turn, however after being distracted by heckling from Faff, fell off. Leaving the travellers to their own devices

Attempting to purchase some strawberries, Faff noticed that her wallet had been lifted, most likely by Smudge. Scanning the crowd, and failing to find him, they look for a local authority figure for assistance, and meet Quinn, who runs the mini-battlegame displays in the square. He intimates that Smudge does this sort of thing often, and advises them to check out the bar. They return where Susie, in a panic, serves them their drink order again. Trying to find someone to offer actual assistance, Faff heads out to the pub kitchen, where the burly cook comes to her aid by getting her wallet back from what appears to be “the usual place”.

They return to the strawberry seller to pay for their strawberries, and they see a striking older woman riding a horse escorted into town by four armed guards. Asking about they learn that this is Etheldene, who is a quasi-leader of the village, and appears to be well respected by those asked. As Ethel and her guards walk through the village, nobody approaches her, but nobody is actively avoiding them. The guards are distracted by the tightrope, and leap up to entertain the villagers. Ethel is approached by an older man, who she greets warmly. Faff attempts to read Ethel’s mind, and received back the thought-picture ‘GRAIN’. She kneels by the river to “fill her waterskin” and eavesdrop on the conversation – the older man confirms that he’ll have the delivery on schedule, and possibly above the initial expected volumes. Ethel notices Faff listening in, and moves away from the water edge to continue the conversation.

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