Arahmain grew up in very comfortable surroundings. His parents gave him every opportunity growing up, and trained him in the ways of harnessing arcane power, on top of his standard schooling. At school, Arahmain was very studious and didn’t spend a lot of time socialising, and was considered detached and mysterious by his peers. He was considered a curiosity, being the only Eladrin in a school of mostly elves, humans, half-elves and halflings. They regarded him with a mixture of fear and intrigue, which he helped cultivate over the years with the occasional outburst, or vicious words whispered in the right ears. He was just as happy being feared as he was being adored. The few friends he did have he was fiercely loyal to.

Since completing his schooling, Arahmain worked with his father as an apprentice swordsmith, but was unfulfilled. He packed a small bag, said goodbye to his parents, and set off on a journey to find his place in the world.

He is very patient and reserved, but when pushed too far he has no moral objections to using his powers – both magical and intellect – to silence his adversary.

He is graceful, alluring, and gives off an aloof air which can make him intimidating.

How do others perceive you in social interactions:
When you know them, they see you as warm and attentive, however strangers would find Arahmain cool, aloof, and giving off the impression that he is better than them.

How optimistic are you?
Arahmain is neither optimistic, nor pessimistic. He takes each situation as it comes and weighs them up on their own merit. If he feels that the situation is not going to work in his favour, he looks for ways to turn it about, or to extract himself from it altogether.

How trusting are you?
Arahmain doesn’t blindly trust others, rather they have to earn his trust, and even once they have it it is not a blind trust. He will follow his own instincts over any other.

How assertive are you at a decision point?
Arahmain has no problem making a decision, and when pressed will back it up with sound reasoning – although he will not be pleased that his decisions were questioned.

How conscientious are you about following rules?
If they are reasonable, they will be followed. If they are arbitrary or get in the way of what Arahmain is trying to do, he won’t hesitate to break them.

How empathetic are you?
Vaguely, if the situation suits him. He is more likely to be empathetic to a friend than a stranger, and it is limited.

How courageous are you in dire straights?
He could be described as more measured and contemplative than courageous. He’d rather not be in a situation that required courage, but should one arise he will assess the situation, and do what is necessary to get out of it.

How do you feel when faced by setbacks?
Depending on the form of the setback. If it is due to another’s mistake, he will find that incredibly frustrating, and will make it known. If it is a setback due to an unpredictable external force (ie: weather) then he can be quite calm about it.

How are your nerves?
Very steady.


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