Niamh McFafferson


Niamh McFafferson (Faff)
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 70kg
Race: Human
Class: Wizard
Alignment: Good Chaotic

Niamh was born into a wealthy family. Her father was a powerful paladin, and her mother was the daughter of the most powerful cleric in her city state. She lived a very rich, comfortable life, and went to the finest schools. When she was very young, in the middle of a temper tantrum, she was able to make a door slam from the middle of the room with her hand. This frightened her mother and concerned her father, who decided it would be essential to send her to a school to train her in the ways of wizardry, so that she was not able to hone her skills enough to become a warlock.

When she started school, she was sent to the best schools in her area, and trained under a powerful wizard with close connections to her family. He was a kind, old man who took Niamh under his wing. He showed her everything he could, and Niamh loved to learn about it. She felt special knowing that she could make magic. It was quite upsetting for her to be so far from home, and it depressed her as she got older. Her parents, living the lives that they lived, were very rarely home, enjoying the freedom that came with not having a child underfoot.

In time, she made the decision to live at the school. She was a very intelligent girl, becoming fluent in Elven. She ranked highly in her classes and excelled in her studies. She was also very good at Magic and Wizardry, however, she sometimes made small mistakes which caused her spells to not always work properly. One of the reasons for this was that she was dyslexic, but since they had no way to look for such a thing, it was considered that she was a bit of a confused young woman – intelligent, but sometimes confused.

After she graduated from the school, she moved back to her home and became the town’s potion maker and wizard. She made love potions, and charms, and the own relied on her for their wite magic.

One night, she was asked to make a complex spell, and required a rat’s tail to help a warrior’s lover to into battle. When she received the animal, she stroked it’s hair and tried to place a paralyzation spell on the creature. She did not want to kill her. Unfortunately, it did not work. She made the rat very ill, and it jumped off of the table, biting the warrior’s lover before scurrying out of the shop. The woman immediately fell ill, and died within a week.

The rat bit a few more residents, and soon, much of the town was ill. Her parents were called home and tried to calm its citizens, but it was too late. Niamh had created the Black Plague, and because she was not a healer, she was not able to undo it, or fix it. In fact, one of the first deaths from the illness was the town’s healer. Her parents cast her out out town, banishing her to the woods. She was called a murderer, a villain. Her spellbook was taken from her and she traveled for days on foot, looking for a new home. It was then that she changed her name to “Faff”. She did not want anyone to know where she came from. She wanted to move forward with her life, disassociating her from her family, and her own personal failure.

Niamh is a good hearted person, looking for redemption.

Niamh McFafferson

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