The state of Merroton is a mountain and ocean-locked peninsula.

The peninsula was uninhabited prior to the successful crossing of the mountain range by a band of four adventurers.


Lodged in the mountain range, Norton is less a traditional sprawling town, but a community of artisans banded together within the walls of the castle.

Sutton is the only town on the peninsula accessible by sea, however the combination of low-lying beaches to the north and west and fast-rising cliffs to the east do not allow for a full harbour to be constructed so massive galleons or ships are unable to make landfall. Traffic is therefore limited to those with the chutzpah (or stupidity) to row themselves the length of the island from the mainland, or to pay a ship’s master to sail as close as they can and then drop a smaller craft from the side to row in.

Populated by commercial fisherman and shepherds (who keep their sheep on the surrounding moors), Sutton is surprisingly small for a coastal town.

The biggest, most varied settlement in the land, Eston is the major hub of trade, with continual farmers markets as well as an active village green. This is usually the first town visited by new travellers to the area, particularly those seeking work, as news from the rest of the settlements will always pass through Eston in some form.

Located on the largest of the delta islands, Weston is the smallest settlement of the island.


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